About the Director

Bill Wooby, DirectorBill Wooby, Director

I have been involved in the arts for over 50 years. My museum career started when I was 15 years old in Kearny, New Jersey where I co-founded, with Harold S. Latham, the Kearny Museum, which was a historic museum dealing with Kearny and the surrounding towns. Since then I have owned  The Collector Art Gallery Restaurant in two locations at U & 17th st & at the Dupont Plaza Hotel at Dupont Circle in Washington, DC.  From there I opened the 45,000 square foot gallery, “Art on the 7th Floor” at the Washington Design Center.  These experiences plus others taught me that there was an abundance of artistic talent out there that wasn’t being tapped. Everywhere I traveled I saw artists whose work deserved a larger audience than it received. Locally, I saw artists being displaced from their studios because of reconstruction or high rents. To answer these challenges I created the Millennium Arts Center with the help of others.

Remember: It took billions and billions of years to create you.  Make sure it was worth the trouble.  -Bill Wooby 2000

Georgi Deneau, Former Assistant Director

Georgi Deneau, Former Assistant Director

Bob Carter

Bob Carter, without his support MAC and other projects would have never happened. A great supporter of the Arts and Bill Wooby.

I also am the founder of The Restaurant Museum and have a travel website called WoobyWorld.